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  • Dominatrix Madame Athlaina

    Dear Madame Athlaina, Seeing Dominatrix Madame Athlaina through Her tweets is very exciting, however, to meet Her in person is an experience that is truly extra special. Madame is every bit as gorgeous and thrilling in real life as Her tweets and photos suggest. A body honed overs years of fitness training showcases Her strength […]

  • Hello Headmistress

    All I can say is wow, absolute perfection! I got home and can still feel the stinging in my bottom a couple of hours later. You make the absolutely perfect Headmistress and certainly looked the part. The punishment you dished out was perfect on all counts and I loved howling and crying out loud especially […]

  • My first session……..

    I was quite nervous initially, and I think you made allowances for that. I apologise if I didn’t always stick to correct protocol but hopefully showed the respect you rightly deserve. You looked amazing as you always do, and it felt right to kneel and be collared by you. You are certainly very skilled in […]

  • My first session with Madame Athlaina

    After having a wonderful phone meeting with Madame, due to the distance and interaction between the two of us on Twitter, I arrived for my session looking forward to it immensely and wasn’t to be disappointed. They say time flies when you are having fun, this was definitely the case once I had knocked three […]

  • My exciting journey with Madame Athlaina

    I have been seeing Madame Athlaina now for nearly 6 years – it seems a long time since we met in Costa Coffee for the preliminary meeting in 2017. It has been an exciting journey. I wrote last May about an unusual session in which I was able to have significant marks and am very […]

  • 50 Wonderful Sessions…….

    50 wonderful sessions! I didn’t imagine when I first met You that we would make this glorious milestone. It’s been a truly awesome journey from initial tentative contact, through being interviewed and then accepted to have the joy of submitting to and suffering for You. It is a life high point, the act of submission […]

  • Serving Madame with my email training……

    I had been considering a Professional Dominatrix for some time, and when I found Madame Athlaina’s website I knew that I need look no further. Her beauty and elegance were enthralling immediately, and Her words and ideas were tantalising and frightening in equal measure. Frightening because I understood at once that I wished to submit […]

  • Dear Madame Athlaina

    I wrote this testimonial to express my sincere thanks for all our wonderful sessions. Initially I was nervous and unsure of what I really wanted but now after numerous sessions with Madame I can happily say that my dreams have been explored, none have disappointed and our ongoing games have become more exciting each time. […]

  • Her Power and Beauty……..

    Since I first discovered Madame Athlaina I have been constantly overwhelmed by Her power and beauty. I have never experienced such overwhelming feelings of worship and adoration for another human being and these feelings only get stronger and stronger the more I get the honour of interacting with Goddess. Madame Athlaina is the ultimate example […]