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  • Femme Knicker Training for Madame

    TUESDAY Just received my training mail from Madame and have been instructed to go to the shop and buy 6 pairs of women’s knickers. i thought i would go straight away, but when i got to the underwear section i started to panic, just felt uncomfortable, so walked out. When i got back home i […]

  • i got the lipstick!

    I was very pleased when I received the following email from My slave joe: i got the lipstick. Honestly i had a mixture of excitement and fear. Definitely the most challenging task you have given me. The adrenaline started flowing and did not stop. i decided 15 minutes after i read your email to go, […]

  • Travelling Madame……

    Springtime next year I plan to start travelling to different areas of the UK, bringing Madame Athlaina to you. In the meantime, I’m making a list of slaves and subs who would like Me to visit their location and session with Me. I also have enquiries from those who would simply like to meet with […]

  • Madame’s Pleasure with Dr Sado and Mike’s Spikes……

    Yesterday’s session was absolutely incredible and it reached heights that we had never attained before. The torture was intense and prolonged and coupled with almost continuous torment that had Your slave beside himself in pain and ecstasy. i’m still struggling to believe that i was tied to the bed and intensely tortured in the way […]

  • Extracts from yesterdays session……..

    The initial beating with the leather belt was a lovely way to start the New Year with Madame warming her slave’s bottom with 50 hard strokes.  My bottom was certainly well warmed up and apparently You like the colour my bottom became.  White buttocks should be a thing of the past i think! The bed […]

  • My first Dominatrix experience with Madame Athlaina

    Firstly, this was my first experience with a professional Dominatrix. Secondly, i am so glad that after extensive soul searching I emailed Madame. As can be imagined, I was very nervous in the lead up to the initial meeting. I assure you that this is not a necessary feeling. Ultimately, Madame is a true Lady […]

  • NEW! Madame’s Personal Training

    slave’s and submissives, want to get in shape? Lose weight, improve your health, improve your fitness, get stronger, more muscular, leaner, eat healthier? Madame Athlaina can show you how! Madame now offers you both Her passions, Dominatrix and Personal Trainer combined. Firstly, become Her Personal Training client and train with Her, then alongside that be […]

  • Madame’s Initial Meetings

    In the very beginning, My idea was that it would benefit Me and My sub/slave to meet on neutral territory before planning a session together. After putting My plan into action I have had 100’s of initial meetings with My subs and slaves and over the years this idea has proven to be a great […]

  • My 97th session with Madame Athlaina!

    Dear Madame Athlaina, Today’s session was breathtaking and absolutely fabulous, i enjoyed every moment. i wasn’t sure how the session would turn out as i was conscious of my sore knee but the control You exerted over me and the predicaments You placed me in made me forget about it! i always enjoy being placed […]