A longer and more intense session with Madame Athlaina

In my last blog I promised to report back after my next session, as I was able to take more marks this week than usual.

This was, again a fascinating mix of pain and pleasure – the cane was, well, very painful; it left good marks; having my bum tickled was exquisite; the nipple torture was something else! I had purchased a new multi-wheeled Wartenburg wheel which had been delivered direct to Madame but she had not had time to try; it was a wonderful experience as She rolled it across my nipples whilst requiring me to stay still without being tied up. Very demanding but very exciting. I hope She won’t required me to stop swearing.

She is seeing me for exercise but the exercises she asked to see weren’t very good, so that was the basis of the caning – after a long period of suspense while I had to wait.

After the caning it was on to the strap on. An amazing experience feeling her inside, especially when she reached round to scratch my nipples with her long finger nails – a supreme experience of satisfaction, pleasure and pain.

This was a long session so there was time for interrogation as well. This is the basis of the journey as we travel along it. An opening up of myself as you might say.

The very best thing is that She enjoys it so much…..all of it! Serving her is a real privilege.


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