My exciting journey with Madame Athlaina

I have been seeing Madame Athlaina now for nearly 6 years – it seems a long time since we met in Costa Coffee for the preliminary meeting in 2017. It has been an exciting journey. I wrote last May about an unusual session in which I was able to have significant marks and am very excited to have booked a similar session in mid-March; I will report back later!

But we have met on many other occasions – for wrestling (which gave me a real sense of being controlled); for tie and tease (delightfully sensitive around my bottom!): for play with a dildo which filled me to the full; to exquisite nipple torture which works even when marks can’t; but most importantly to be interrogated. I recommend this to anyone who hasn’t tried it. No shouting or pressure – just quiet questioning of experience and feelings. We have been all the way back to early sexual experiences, through intimate details of my relationships; discussed dalliances along the way; considered why I want such painful experiences; all in graphic detail which has left me feeling both wonderfully close and wonderfully exposed. It has helped me explore my own motivation and desires, and I look forward to more, much more.

So a relationship with Madame Athlaina is not just a series of experiences, it is an intimate journey where you discover yourself through interaction with another. I recommend it wholly.


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