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Norfolk Mistress


Before contacting Madame it is important to make sure you have read Her website thoroughly, especially Her RULES and SESSION page before emailing, texting or telephoning Her (Her preferred method of contact is by Email).

Important notice: Madame has built up Her Rules and Methods over a great number of years, and have been put in place to manage the smooth running of Her business. If you are serious about your communication with Madame, please take the time to read through Her website, especially Her Rules, Session and Contact Pages. If you read through carefully, it will provide you with everything you need to know.

If you would like to be granted the honour of a meeting/session with Madame then She expects you to provide a brief introduction about yourself.

For your Introductory Email make sure you provide the following information:
Name, age, your interests (keep to topic), length of session, health and anything else that you feel is important.

This will give Madame a good indication of you as a person and what your interests are. She is very selective, so provide a succinct, informative and honest introduction. If She is happy with your introduction She will arrange an Initial Meeting with you.

Madame’s email address is:
Remember that Twitter is NOT Madame’s email address. Do not Direct Message Her when She asks for you to email.

Madame’s mobile number is: 07591 526943 (read below, text first).

you will address Madame Athlaina as ‘Madame’. She expects you to be polite and courteous at all times.

UPDATE – Telephone Enquiries

Over the past few months, since Madame placed Her mobile phone number on Her site She has  received a huge number of time wasting calls. She feels it’s important to offer this phone service to enable slaves to be able talk with Her. However, the amount of Her time that time wasters have consumed cannot continue and therefore to allow Her mobile phone to stay available She has decided to do the following:

If new enquiries wish to call and talk with Madame, then a small tribute will be charged and paid prior to you calling Her.

This tribute will be £2 per minute, a minimum of 10 minutes (£20 minimum to be paid). She is happy to talk for up to a maximum of 20 minutes as long as you have paid for it.

However, remember that initial contact by EMAIL is free, and thereafter an Initial Meeting can be made where you’ll get ample opportunity to talk with Madame either in person, webcam or telephone.

If you do decide to make initial contact by phone REMEMBER to TEXT first. Madame will not answer any calls until your tribute has been paid & then only your prearranged call. Once your text is received Madame will send you payment details. Once you have paid Her tribute (for the amount of time you wish to talk with Her), She will then arrange a specific date and time with you, for you to call.

When you call it must be at the agreed time (ANY Withheld/Private numbers will be immediately rejected). your phone call tribute is non-refundable under any circumstances – if you cancel, or do to honour your call.  If you wish to arrange another time to call Madame will expect you to pay again.

Madame is a Professional Dominatrix and takes pride in Her business, personality, life values and work ethics. If Madame beliefs at any time that you are wasting Her time, messing Her around or anything else that She believes is wrong, then She will have no further contact with you.

Meeting and session times are flexible weekdays and weekends. However, Madame’s session times are booked up very quickly and it is advisable to make arrangements as much in advance as possible. 

Madame has slaves and subs of all ages, from novices to those who have many years of experience. So, whoever you are, contact Her. It is the person you are, the respect you show, and your willingness to learn that is important.

Madame has Her own purpose built superbly equipped playroom, located in a discreet and private location just 5 minutes driving distance from Norwich Airport.