• An afternoon with Madame Athlaina

    Sitting here, a few hours later, emotionally and physically exhausted but all a-glow from my afternoon with Madame Athlaina.   Quite the best session I have had with anyone over the past 20 years. Madame Athlaina’s unique combination of really challenging (painful) punishment, soft caressing tenderness in between the strokes, and endlessly sensitive fingers kept me […]

  • My introduction to BDSM

    I’ve been interested in bondage and serving a dominant woman most of my life and I finally built up the courage to contact Madame Athlaina and arrange an initial meeting. During the initial meeting Madame asked me many questions regarding my fetish. Upon arriving at the meeting I was nervous, however Madame’s professionalism soon put […]

  • Equestrian Training……….

    Thank you so very much for Wednesday’s session which was absolutely incredible. You looked absolutely sensational in your amazing outfit and when you put your thigh boots on you looked totally fabulous. From start to finish the whole meeting was so amazing and because you had noted previous sessions it’s true what you said about […]

  • Dear Madame Athlaina

    I’ve written a short review of our initial meeting that I hope You will accept. It isn’t intended as sycophantic but a record of my feelings and memories of a meeting I’ve dreamt of for 50 years and the omissions that time prevented our discussing.  As Madame strode towards me, self-assured, smiling, I felt my […]

  • Locked in the Pillory………

    After the beating, Madame led me back into the Playroom and locked me in the pillory.  Madame ensured Her balls where firmly secured within the vice, which was tightly screwed down, and my wrists were tied to the top of the cage so that i could not move. It had been quite a while since i […]

  • My first session with Madame……..

    I contacted Madame Athlaina after Her being highly recommend to me and with a little trepidation made contact. The initial meeting was in my humble opinion absolutely necessary as it sets the tone for the real time meeting. Madame discussed ideas, boundaries and rules all of which are vital. Madame is friendly, approachable, beautiful and […]

  • My First Online Sessions……….

    Given all the fabulous sessions we have had over the past 11 years, i was unsure about having an online session, as i did not think it would be remotely as enjoyable as a normal session.  However, whilst it is no substitute for a face to face session, it was certainly better than i expected and […]

  • Madame’s Pleasure with Dr Sado and Mike’s Spikes……

    Yesterday’s session was absolutely incredible and it reached heights that we had never attained before. The torture was intense and prolonged and coupled with almost continuous torment that had Your slave beside himself in pain and ecstasy. i’m still struggling to believe that i was tied to the bed and intensely tortured in the way […]

  • Extracts from yesterdays session……..

    The initial beating with the leather belt was a lovely way to start the New Year with Madame warming her slave’s bottom with 50 hard strokes.  My bottom was certainly well warmed up and apparently You like the colour my bottom became.  White buttocks should be a thing of the past i think! The bed […]

  • My first Dominatrix experience with Madame Athlaina

    Firstly, this was my first experience with a professional Dominatrix. Secondly, i am so glad that after extensive soul searching I emailed Madame. As can be imagined, I was very nervous in the lead up to the initial meeting. I assure you that this is not a necessary feeling. Ultimately, Madame is a true Lady […]

  • My 97th session with Madame Athlaina!

    Dear Madame Athlaina, Today’s session was breathtaking and absolutely fabulous, i enjoyed every moment. i wasn’t sure how the session would turn out as i was conscious of my sore knee but the control You exerted over me and the predicaments You placed me in made me forget about it! i always enjoy being placed […]

  • My first two sessions……..

    I was really nervous for both my initial meeting with Madame at a neutral venue, and also my first session.  However, I needn’t have worried, as well as being firm and dominant She was also caring and considerate, which put me at ease. The photos on Madame’s website do not do Her justice – She is […]