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  • Madame Athlaina

    I arrived at a neutral meeting venue with time to spare and much trepidation for my first meeting with Madame Athlaina. Although I had a good idea what She looked like from the gallery and photos on Her web site, nothing could really prepare me for Her arrival! She walked into the venue and my […]

  • A slave’s Testimonial

    A slave’s psychological journey with Madame Athlaina After many years of soul searching, contemplation, careful research and my screaming caution every inch of the way, I was lucky enough to meet Madame Athlaina. I was immediately stunned by Her good looks. Her smile and friendliness enabled me to feel at ease, whilst Her eyes penetrated […]

  • A Testimonial

    Heaven on Earth. Do you admire her pictures and her text? Beautiful isn’t she, and exciting. But you have to visit this wonderful woman to appreciate that they simply wet the appetite. She is without equal and once you have looked into her eyes you will be mesmerised and drawn like a magnet into her […]

  • Updated website

      My website has been updated with all new photos and a blog Extra photos will be added at My convenience Click here to book a session