My first session……..

I was quite nervous initially, and I think you made allowances for that. I apologise if I didn’t always stick to correct protocol but hopefully showed the respect you rightly deserve.
You looked amazing as you always do, and it felt right to kneel and be collared by you. You are certainly very skilled in restraint and I was in no doubt once restrained I was there until you decided otherwise. Equally skilled with crops and canes, you knew when to stop, anymore and I would have been begging for mercy. With regards to nipple torture strange mixture of pain and pleasure, your laughter added to the mix in a way I can’t really explain.
Being allowed to worship your shoes was amazing and when you told me to remove your shoe and worship your feet I felt honoured. Your foot felt so soft and delicate in my hands and I hope I worshipped well. I know I’m new to this but I think the title foot slave probably applies to me.

On my journey home I felt incredibly relaxed and happy which continued over the next few days, even if it was a little painful sitting as my bottom was still a bit sore. I enjoyed the session and hope you did too!

sub david

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