My first session with Madame Athlaina

After having a wonderful phone meeting with Madame, due to the distance and interaction between the two of us on Twitter, I arrived for my session looking forward to it immensely and wasn’t to be disappointed.

They say time flies when you are having fun, this was definitely the case once I had knocked three times on Madame’s door.

Once I entered Madame’s play room, I was asked to strip, and kneel, I then crawled over to Madame, and was ordered to kiss and worship Her beautiful knee high laced leather boots, my favourite type of boots!

I was then ordered to crawl back into the middle of the room, my arms were tied to my side, my big toes were tied together, and I was then tied securely to a chair, a hood was added, and I was left to struggle. When Madame returned, I was interrogated about my fantasies and kinks, which I had to think about, as I didn’t want to annoy Madame with my answer. Then to Madame’s amusement, She untied me from the chair, and asked me to get up from the chair, which I struggled to do, and had Madame’s lovely laugh fill the room, as She filmed my futile attempts. I asked Her to video Me, which She was more than happy to do.

Once I had managed to stand, I was made to shuffle like a geisha girl as Madame pulled on the rope that was tied round my toes. I was then gagged with a cloth and tape, and placed in Madame’s cage, my wrists were cuffed and secured to the top of the cage, my legs were put through the cage, once again my toes tied and again secured to the cage, I was then left, to wonder what else Madame had planned.

I was then transformed into a maid, and made to make Madame a cup of coffee, which She drank whilst I was used as a foot stool. Madame then tied my balls, and had me lie down on her bed, before being placed in a hogtie, I was hooded once more, and also gagged with a harness gag.

My session ended with me having to find a way or ways to amuse Madame, which I managed successfully, before I once more knelt in front of Madame, and worshipped Her boots.
It was a fantastic three hours, spent in the presence of a beautiful Madame, and I hope to experience it again soon, next time for longer.


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