Dear Madame Athlaina

I wrote this testimonial to express my sincere thanks for all our wonderful sessions.

Initially I was nervous and unsure of what I really wanted but now after numerous sessions with Madame I can happily say that my dreams have been explored, none have disappointed and our ongoing games have become more exciting each time. Madame’s professionalism is a vocation and She takes care to understand Her slaves to provide a deeply personal experience. I leave each session knowing that I want to return and be tested even more.

Madame is strong, slim, elegant and playfully seductive being always beautifully attired yet constantly varying Her outfits to delight and entice. But Madame also has a soft sensuality that has always given this slave an overwhelming desire to please Her. It has been an honour and a pleasure serving this knowledgeable and wonderful Dominatrix with Her soft enchanting voice, experiencing the surprises that Madame serves up to keep Her slave guessing!

With a slaves’ requirement for discipline, Madame is careful to build up from scratch always testing a little further but never pushing beyond endurance instinctively knowing when to ease back and leave the slave craving for more. The variety of implements is impressive and Madame’s skill in their application is honed over many years.

Madame knows how to draw the best out of Her slaves and although demanding, can accommodate a disability without drama, giving the confidence to perform at a level the slave is capable of. As always, the more one puts in, the more rewarding the session and on top of everything else Madame loves a really good laugh!

Yours in submission,

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