Premier Norwich, Norfolk Mistress – Madame Athlaina – Rules For Real Time Sessions

1. Firstly Madame expects you to contact Her by email or if by telephone (Text or Email Her first – see Contact Page), providing Her with an Introduction of yourself (see Contact Me page for further details).

2. Initial meetings before a session are obligatory, and something that Madame still feels is very valuable for both parties, especially for novices or any potential slaves who would like to meet with Madame before arranging a session with Her. They take place in a neutral public location, such as a café, which is quiet and discreet, where both Madame and Her potential sub/slave can meet, talk and discuss your interests and session. Initial meetings last up to 1 hour.

Madame’s initial meetings are a time proven success, and a valuable meeting for both parties prior to your session. If a Real Time initial meeting isn’t possible (such as long distance to travel), then Madame will consider a webcam meeting (Skype) or a telephone call. Madame will not session with you without an initial meeting taking place first. For your initial meeting (real time, webcam or telephone), Madame expects a tribute of £75 to be made in advance. She feels this to be a gesture of your commitment and a good indication of your sincerity and respect for Her time (initial meetings last up to 1 hour). Once your tribute has been made and cleared, you have a two weeks from that date to book your initial meeting. Once your tribute has been made it is non-refundable. This means that if you fail to book or cancel your meeting Madame will not return your tribute. If you wish to change your meeting time then Madame will expect you to book and make tribute again. Madame is a very busy person, Her time is precious and if you are genuine you will appreciate this. So you do not get confused, this £75 tribute is for your ‘initial meeting’ with Madame. It is NOT a deposit or tribute for your session. 

Once ANY tribute has been made prior to your initial meeting or session(s) they are non-refundable. This includes payment for your Initial Meeting, deposit for your session and any monies that have been paid.  There are no excuses. None. Madame has heard them all. Unfortunately Madame occasionally has a slave (generally a new slave), who becomes overly attention seeking, stalks and/or pays sums of tribute in advance of a session, in the hope that they can then get away with ‘topping from the bottom.’ Therefore, Madame reserves the right to cancel initial meetings and/or sessions at anytime she feels a slave is misbehaving in an inappropriate manner.

3. On the day sessions are not available at this present time.

4. If you are running late for your initial meeting or session this will be deducted from your time. It may be possible to provide Madame with a further tribute, if She has extra time available to add onto the end of your session. Remember if you are running late to inform Madame, as soon as possible.

5. Madame expects you to come to visit Her in Norwich for your initial meeting and session. If you wish Her to travel to you, then She will expect an agreed tribute for all Her expenses and Her time.

6. your Tribute will be given to Madame at the very beginning of your session and placed in an envelope with Her name written on the front. The time that you spend with Her and the tribute amount will be agreed prior to your session. Most of the time tributes are given to Madame at the beginning of your session. However, if any tributes in whole or part are made in advance of your session (for whatever reason this is), once given to Madame are non-refundable, even if you decide to cancel your session and or book another one.

7. For your safety, if you have any medical issues then make this known to Madame in advance of your session.

8. If you are young looking then Madame expects you to bring photograph ID with you to your initial meeting and/or session. She only sessions with men who are 25+.

11. Cleanliness is of the utmost importance to Madame. She will not accept you if you have not recently showered or bathed.

12. At all times Madame expects you to display proper courtesy, etiquette and respect towards Her. She will not tolerate anything less.

13. During your sessions you will respond verbally each and every time you are spoken to. you are forbidden to do anything without instruction or permission. If you have questions, you may ask permission to speak. Unless told otherwise Madame does allow you to freely compliment Her, as this is something that She likes Her slaves to do. She also allows you to beg for mercy or favours, which of course are at Her discretion.

14. Madame does not wish to spend time with you if you have drunk alcohol within 24 hours of your session.

15. Madame does not wish to spend time with you if you have smoked a cigarette within 12 hours of your session. you can be sure that if She gets the slightest smell of a cigarette, you’ll be out the door a lot faster than when you came in.

16. Madame uses, what She calls the ‘Traffic Light plus Black’, for safety during Her sessions. Green means you are happy. Amber means that you are very close to your limits. Red means too much pain – ease down. Black means stop!

If any of these colours apply to you during your session you may say these colours without permission.  Madame will also ask you on occasion, how you feel during your session and again if any of the traffic light colours apply to you, you may say them to Her.

17. No touching of Madame in anyway, under any circumstances, unless Madame Athlaina clearly states that she wishes to be touched, or that you have asked Her permission and She has granted it.

17. Masturbation is only allowed if Madame clearly states that it is. you may also ask permission to do this at anytime. If it is allowed then you do it yourself. If you disobey this rule you will be severely punished.

19. No imitation towards minors.

20. No sex or intimate touching, No drugs, No knives, No cigarettes, No alcohol, No blood sports, No spitting, No water sports, No bestiality, No scat.

21. you will always be naked in the presence of Madame.

22. Madame Athlaina is a Dominatrix, which means every decision is Hers. As soon as you begin your correspondence with Madame, you obey Her every rule, Her every decision. Her decisions and rules are final. If you want to make your own decisions and feel that you know best, then you’re not submissive and have no right contacting Madame.

If you abuse any of Madame rules She will terminate your correspondence/meeting/session immediately or punish you, depending on the nature of your disobedience. Disobedience makes Madame very angry and angry is a turn off. However, obedience makes Madame very happy, so it is advisable to strictly OBEY HER in every sense of the word.