Serving Madame with my email training……

I had been considering a Professional Dominatrix for some time, and when I found Madame Athlaina’s website I knew that I need look no further. Her beauty and elegance were enthralling immediately, and Her words and ideas were tantalising and frightening in equal measure. Frightening because I understood at once that I wished to submit fully to Her, and that Her desires would be the most important thing to me.
With some nervousness I sent an introductory email. I was unsure of exactly how much information to include, and spent some time composing this, so as not to displease Madame and get off on the wrong foot. I was looking for email training initially, and was really pleased that this was available. With great trepidation I finally sent the email. I was so worried that Madame would not accept me as a slave, but to my great delight I received a prompt reply offering to start my training.
Madame Athlaina has a deeply intuitive understanding, and knew exactly the right things to say to start me on my journey with her. After asking some very insightful and intelligent questions my training could begin.
The tasks that Madame sets are detailed, clever, challenging and very well thought out. Her mind works in wonderful ways, and it is always with a sense of huge excitement that I welcome the next one.
I am building up to hopefully start seeing Madame Athlaina for real time sessions in the future, and continuing to serve and worship Her in the ways that she deems appropriate or necessary. I am absolutely in awe of Her beauty, grace, style, and intelligence. It is an honour to be Her slave, and I look forward to serving Her always.

slave j

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