Dear Mistress

i resisted the temptation to email You yesterday. i thought it better to think about my session and sleep on it so that i could give You more considered feedback, as You asked.

But the glow i feel this morning is no dimmer than it was when i left Your dungeon yesterday.

The session was everything i could have hoped for – and more. Your aura, Your beauty and Your power held me in thrall from the first minute to the last. Thanks to our initial meeting, i came to You with confidence so that, rather than being a cause of nervousness or embarrassment, the act of stripping naked and kneeling before You just felt entirely natural.

And i found i responded well to the idea that the session was just as much for Your enjoyment and amusement as mine – if not more so. i was thinking afterwards about Your traffic-light system. i think You had me in the red with the nipple torture and the CBT. But it just never occurred to me to say anything. Your smile, Your laughter were such an incentive to carry on. i am so so glad i did and am filled with gratitude that You gave me the opportunity to please You.

i have never cared much of the idea of humiliation. But in the presence of someone of such commanding authority, the opportunity to be Your foot-stool was beautiful. It just felt so right. When i close my eyes now and think of the feel of Your leather boots across my back, i am transported back to my place at Your feet and i could not be happier.

But my enjoyment at the session would be worth nothing if You are not yourself happy with my servitude. It was a honour, a privilege to offer myself for Your amusement. i hope and pray that You were satisfied with my humble efforts to please You.

Your slave

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