slaves and submissives

  • Femme Knicker Training for Madame

    TUESDAY Just received my training mail from Madame and have been instructed to go to the shop and buy 6 pairs of women’s knickers. i thought i would go straight away, but when i got to the underwear section i started to panic, just felt uncomfortable, so walked out. When i got back home i […]

  • i got the lipstick!

    I was very pleased when I received the following email from My slave joe: i got the lipstick. Honestly i had a mixture of excitement and fear. Definitely the most challenging task you have given me. The adrenaline started flowing and did not stop. i decided 15 minutes after i read your email to go, […]

  • The slaves and subs that I am looking for……..

    My stable consists of slaves and subs of different ages 20’s through to 70’s, different cultures, backgrounds and very different walks of life. From those who are beginning their  journey to those with years of experience. I am often asked, I assume because of My love of all things ‘fitness’, as to whether I expect My slaves […]