The slaves and subs that I am looking for……..

My stable consists of slaves and subs of different ages 20’s through to 70’s, different cultures, backgrounds and very different walks of life. From those who are beginning their  journey to those with years of experience.

I am often asked, I assume because of My love of all things ‘fitness’, as to whether I expect My slaves and subs to be fit too. The quick answer to that is ‘No’. I’m first and foremost a Dominatrix and very much a realist. I accept that human beings come in all shapes and sizes, as does their health, fitness and lifestyle. I believe that good fitness is of paramount importance for Me and My body, as I don’t see how I would be able to take control and dominate My slaves and subs without My own self discipline and care for Myself.

It is a slaves and subs personality that is the most important thing to Me. If My slave or sub comes to Me with the willingness to obey, to be loyal, to learn, to be trustworthy, and to enjoy the time that he spends with Me, then that is what I am looking for.

My skills incorporate all what you would expect of an experienced and professional Dominatrix, however, I am also a Personal Trainer, so I do offer to those who are interested a combination of Domination and PT, just for fun purposes or to address health and fitness goals if required.

I am now taking on new slaves and subs and so, I look forward to receiving your Introductory email and meeting you soon.

Best wishes, Madame Athlaina