i got the lipstick!

I was very pleased when I received the following email from My slave joe:

i got the lipstick. Honestly i had a mixture of excitement and fear. Definitely the most challenging task you have given me. The adrenaline started flowing and did not stop.

i decided 15 minutes after i read your email to go, i was worried if  i waited i would chicken out. i went to the store and walked around the edge of the cosmetics section until i spotted the lipstick. i went in and started looking for the lipstick and found it. i took the red one and then a lady from the store came up behind me and asked if i needed help. i told her i was fine but she said “do you really want bright red, we have many shades of red”. i said “this is fine, thank you” and left.

i then went to self checkout. i scanned it put it in a bag and paid. At this point i am relieved, i did it. i stood there and the machine did not print a receipt. i did not know what to do, You said i had to have a receipt. There are 12 self checkout machines and i pick the one that won’t print a receipt. i am just standing there trying to think of options and the lady that watches that area came over and asked if i had a problem and i told her i did not get a receipt. i thought she would just print me one.

The lady then reached into my bag and said “what did you get,” and pulls out the lipstick. She says “Oh lipstick, stay here i will be right back.” She takes it over to a counter and talks to a lady and points at me, they both look at me. She then gets on her cash register and came back with a receipt. the whole time i am standing there trying to look cool. i told her thank you for your help and left. i had to be blushing because my face was so hot when i left. That was the best customer service i have ever received at a time i did not want any.

The whole experience was a total rush.

slave joe