Femme Knicker Training for Madame


Just received my training mail from Madame and have been instructed to go to the shop and buy 6 pairs of women’s knickers. i thought i would go straight away, but when i got to the underwear section i started to panic, just felt uncomfortable, so walked out.

When i got back home i thought that this has got to be done so went back to the shop again. This time still nervous but got the knickers and decided to go to self-service tills, but then a woman shop worker came over and asked if i was okay, so felt very embarrassed, as she must have seen the knickers as i didn’t take a bag with me. i put them through the till and swiftly left. That was the first part of my training complete, just need to send photos to Madame and wait for second e-mail.


i received my second training mail last night and i am to wear and take a photo of me wearing a different pair of knickers for 6 days. This morning i showered to get ready for the training and also thought it would be better to shave off body hair. i returned to the bedroom with my camera and put on the first pair of knickers and took the photo. After taking the photo it did cross my mind to remove the knickers and put on my pants but after thinking about this kept the knickers on, as i asked to be trained and I must do as Madame tells Me. Completed wearing knickers all day and removed them before bed.


Second day of knicker training and this was going to be a bit difficult to take a photo but it did work out, as I had a 15 minute window to do the training photo, so all worked out in the end. Again kept them on all day.


Third day and it is now feeling a normal thing to do with wearing knickers all day, enjoying wearing them for Madame.


Forth day of training. This was another difficult day to complete my training as i need to be on my own to take the photo. i did manage to do it but then had trouble with sending email, so had to take photo on my phone and send my training photo via text message. Again wore them all day.


Fifth day of training for Madame and back to normal regarding sending my photo. Enjoying wearing the knickers for Madame all day again.


My last day of knicker training and as i said on Friday it is now a normal routine for me. Have just sent the photo but have also been instructed to submit a diary of my training to Madame. Completed my diary to sent to Madame and still wearing knickers all day as instructed.

I have been email training with Madame for several weeks now and really enjoying it.

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