A slave’s Testimonial

A slave’s psychological journey with Madame Athlaina

After many years of soul searching, contemplation, careful research and my screaming caution every inch of the way, I was lucky enough to meet Madame Athlaina.

I was immediately stunned by Her good looks. Her smile and friendliness enabled me to feel at ease, whilst Her eyes penetrated my soul. However, what impressed me most of all, was the feeling that at last I had found someone who not only visually represented my desires, but also understood the psychological aspects of the type of experiences I was looking for.

After several discussions, meetings and sessions it has become apparent to me that Her knowledge and experience related to that of my research into the psychology of human relationships and the way they can formulate into special relationships of this type.

From a psychological perspective, for me it is not just about role play and my needs as a slave, it is far deeper than that. I feel because these interactions have been nurtured carefully it has evolved into a lifestyle with great fulfillment. The total handover of control to Madame Athlaina remains and continues to be one of my greatest life experiences.

My journey over the last 5 years has not always been easy and straight forward; as much learning and consequential amendment of how this special relationship can; not only survive the rigours of human reactions and circumstances, but also grow into a wonderful fluid experience that thrives and lives continuously to this day. I have discovered just how important two- way communication, both verbal and behavioural, needs to be practiced at all times, if expectations are to be fully realised and the D/s dynamics in which such a relationship operates, continues to be OK.

The wealth of experience which Madame Athlaina demonstrates on a psychological level enables an intense true feeling of ownership not only during sessions but at other times as well. Her ability to read and react accordingly to complex behavioural reactions and thoughts of a slave on a multitude of levels is one of her greatest attributes.

Trust is always a two way interaction, so whilst fear and excitement races through my mind I have never felt in any serious physical danger. Hence I can honestly say that a safe word has never been used and never likely to be. I feel that safe words are for those who just play. My limits are continuously explored; boundaries pushed and new experiences are initiated. Much psychological processing and pain is often experienced but it is administered in a way where nurtured acceptance of conditioning is transmitting such feelings into pleasure, further desire and more importantly an eagerness to please.

A lot of sole searching into the it’s and why’s during my lifetime has been practiced, but I feel sometimes you just have to live your life in the present time frame and rise to the desires that challenge your very being and everyday thoughts and desires. In my experience, practicing what we dream can be achieved if the right person is found and the communication remains effective at all costs.

I was very lucky to meet Madame Athlaina, a Dominatrix who enjoys and is very skillful at human interaction and able to be dynamic in her approach at various levels of behavioural communication.

I now, not only value the relationship that we have but look forward to the evolutionary journey of the future.

slave eric

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