A Testimonial

Heaven on Earth.

Do you admire her pictures and her text? Beautiful isn’t she, and exciting. But you have to visit this wonderful woman to appreciate that they simply wet the appetite. She is without equal and once you have looked into her eyes you will be mesmerised and drawn like a magnet into her incomparable world of domination. You want to be her slave? Visit her and she will make you the happiest man on the planet; you will not believe what she will do to you until you are well and truly in her power. She will quickly put you at your ease with her humour and friendly introduction- all ready for action……

Is she strict? Oh yes, but not in the crude way of so many Dommes. She is subtle and can be wonderfully gentle when called for but she will have you eating out of the palm of her hand within moments of your arrival; and you will love every minute. Pain, humiliation, control, worship….you don’t know what they are until you have met her. Don’t be afraid though; she knows your limits and she will take you there but you can surrender your whole self completely to her in the knowledge that she will lead you to the heaven you crave. You will feel sensations you hardly knew you had and you will learn what a privilege it is to have met her. It is something you will never regret or forget.

She has her rules. Read them carefully and obey. Be open with her about what you are looking for, your desires and fantasies. And she will repay your honesty and trust.

She is so very Special for me that I won’t write the usual first hand accounts of my times with HER. They are much too personal and for the two of us only. But I can say that I have been dedicated to female domination for all of my long life. Like most of you reading this, I have been the slave of several mistresses. But when I met Madame Athlaina it changed my life. If I could summarise I would simply say she is the best Domme you will find anywhere.

slave malcolm

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