Madame Athlaina

I arrived at a neutral meeting venue with time to spare and much trepidation for my first meeting with Madame Athlaina. Although I had a good idea what She looked like from the gallery and photos on Her web site, nothing could really prepare me for Her arrival!

She walked into the venue and my heart rate increased noticeably as She is breathtakingly beautiful and has such a commanding presence. As good as the photos are on Her web site, they really do not do justice to Her beauty which has to be experienced in the flesh to be really appreciated.

That first meeting with Madame was wonderful as She very quickly helped me to relax and to be open and honest in my discussion with Her. It was a meeting that I will never forget and, with hindsight, it was one of the best things that I have ever done in my life.

The next time that I felt such trepidation was when I had my first session with Madame. From the moment that I entered Her domain, there was no doubt whatsoever that She was in complete control but She is able to exercise such control due to being totally professional and from having such extensive experience that everything is completely natural to Her.

Madame can be very cruel and sadistic but also very kind and tender. She is able to read the ever changing situation and atmosphere during session and I was always on edge as I never knew what She was going to next. She instinctively senses when I am approaching my limit and She either reduces intensity or pushes that limit further depending upon the activity and the mood at the time and She reads my reactions with great expertise.

I soon discovered that Madame is a wonderful communicator, something that I had experienced during my first meeting with Her, but something that has continued throughout the time that I have known Her. This has actually turned out to be the most important aspect of our D/s relationship as I have felt that I have always been able to discuss both what has happened in session and what both She and I would like to happen in session. Madame thus has the tools at her disposal to push my limits in ways that I would never have imagined possible and my sessions under Her strict control continue to be challenging, intensely variable and rewarding.

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