A slave’s Journey by slave m

I have served Madame Athlaina for the past 5 years and have served her on over 60 occasions. It is difficult to know where to begin to describe what has been an exciting and highly rewarding journey, so I think the best place would be to start at the beginning.

I first met Madame in early 2009 by which time I had served many Mistresses over a number of years and considered myself to be reasonably experienced in the BDSM scene. However, before being allowed to serve Madame, I met Her in a restaurant and She interviewed me to ensure I was a suitable candidate to serve Her. I had never experienced that before and it made me realise that if Madame accepted me as Her slave I was about to enter a new level of servitude.  Fortunately, I passed the interview and a few days later experienced my first session with Her. I vividly remember that first session.  Immediately, on entering Madame’s presence, I was ordered to kneel and remove my clothes.  A collar was placed around my neck and locked with a padlock before I was led on a lead into Her playroom. I was tied spreadeagled on a bed and subjected to nipple and cock and ball torture using pegs, elastic bands and pin wheels.  Later I was secured to a bench and teased and tormented in many different ways. It was a wonderful session and I little imagined that I would still be serving Madame 5 years later.

Madame is a commanding and demanding Lady but can be playful at times. She clearly enjoys dominating Her slaves. She is beautiful, highly skilled and very erotic.

Madame has an excellent variety of equipment which she enjoys using in many innovative ways, extracting the maximum pleasure for Herself while ensuring the greatest discomfort for the slave.  Madame enjoys inflicting pain and while she respects ones limits, she constantly seeks to extend them.  Madame has a tender side too, but you have to work very hard before being allowed to see it.

During the past 5 years I have been beaten, branded, caged, stretched, tortured, teased, tormented and thrashed in numerous ways with a multitude of devices. As time has passed, our sessions have continually improved and increased in intensity and I have reached a level I never imagined was possible.

Overall, serving Madame is not only a privilege but also a rewarding and exhilarating experience. I am looking forward to being Her plaything for many more years to come.

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