Recently, I decided to renew my passion for being dominated and decided to try and find a Dominatrix who lives locally to me. While there are several Dommes in Norfolk none of them were really what I was looking for. Without seeming too shallow I wanted someone with a good figure and an attractive face. After all if was going to spend a few hours with a Dominatrix, for me they needed to be pleasing on the eye.

I then came upon Madame Athlaina’s website. Wow, I was blown away! Not only is She very attractive, with a great figure, but She also had the most amazing pair of legs (you may have guessed I’m a bit of a leg man!!)

I instantly emailed Madame and our initial meeting was arranged. The day of our meeting arrived and I made sure I was early and sat, somewhat nervously, waiting for Madame to arrive. Although I have seen her pictures on Her website it was not until I met Madame Athlaina in the flesh that I could see Her real beauty. She is gorgeous. We were soon chatting and filling in Her questionnaire which I thought was brilliant. Luckily for me I was accepted as a slave and we agreed a date for my first session.

The day arrived and I made sure I was on time. I eagerly knocked on Madame Athlaina’s front door and She instructed me to come in. I was instantly in no doubt who was in charge of the next few hours of my life and after the first touch I was happy to turn myself over to Madame’s control. I instantly felt a connection with Madame and was made to feel totally at ease. She clearly enjoys Her work and I was given Her full attention.

Whether in pain or ecstasy you can look deeply into Madame’s eyes, or admire any other amazing part of her amazing body and all your troubles and cares disappear and everything is good in the world! Although I have only just started my journey with Madame Athlaina, I am looking forward to our relationship developing over the years to come.

slave kev

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