My First Online Sessions……….

Given all the fabulous sessions we have had over the past 11 years, i was unsure about having an online session, as i did not think it would be remotely as enjoyable as a normal session.  However, whilst it is no substitute for a face to face session, it was certainly better than i expected and I enjoyed both the sessions we have had recently.  It was so lovely to see You again.

i was amazed that I managed to find so many every day household items that could be used during a session. From wooden spoons for spanking to clothes pegs for CBT, to chopsticks for nipple clamps and an old coat hanger that could act as humbler.  Crazy!

i was a little nervous during our first session last week and it felt a little surreal. You instructed me to torment and torture Your nipples and to tie Your balls with shoelaces.  Tying myself to the chair and more self- torment of Your nipples and self-torturing Your balls with pegs was painful.  You ordered me to tie rope to Your balls to act as a leash and then attach the lead to the door handle so stretching Your balls, before being instructed to smack them with a wooden spoon. That was excruciating!

Overall, i enjoyed it although i couldn’t see enough of Your beautiful legs encased in Your stockings and suspenders! Although i did get a very good view of Your beautiful lingerie!

Our second session today was much better i thought, as i felt more relaxed.

Madame ordered me to torment her nipples before instructing me to tie her balls and add a leash so that i could stretch her balls for her.  i was then sat on the chair with the leash tied tightly behind me so that Your balls were tightly stretched. Madame ordered me to attach the chopstick to her nipples and to squeeze them to increase the pressure on Your nipples.  This was very painful! i am not sure it’s a good ideas giving them to You, as i can imagine i am going to suffer! But i am sure You will enjoy using them! Then i had to tie my thighs together with Your balls behind my legs so they could be attached to a set of weights (6 kg).  i was ordered to first, walk about dragging the weights behind me and then to crawl. i imagined being in this predicament in Madame’s playroom and being whipped up and down the room dragging those weights behind me! i really liked the thought of that!

During the session i was able to see how wonderful You looked in Your fishnets! You gave me plenty of chances to see You sat on the stool and adopting sexy and provocative poses that You know i find so erotic and arousing!  Seeing Your beautiful legs and thighs made we wish that i was at Your feet worshipping them. You also talked a lot more, which  i always like.

i am so privileged to serve Madame. You are a beautiful and commanding Domina.  You exert Your presence and dominance in a way that demands obedience and respect, even from afar.   i really enjoyed today, and while it is not a substitute for a face-to-face session, i gained great satisfaction from being able to submit and serve You.  i think Madame enjoyed herself too. i hope so.

i can’t tell You how much i am looking forward to serving Madame next week.  It can’t come quickly enough!

Lots of love, slave m xxx

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