Madame’s Pleasure with Dr Sado and Mike’s Spikes……

Yesterday’s session was absolutely incredible and it reached heights that we had never attained before. The torture was intense and prolonged and coupled with almost continuous torment that had Your slave beside himself in pain and ecstasy.

i’m still struggling to believe that i was tied to the bed and intensely tortured in the way that i was for 2 hours!! i knew i was likely to be in for a hard time in this session, as You had two new toys to play with! i liked Dr Sado and although my balls were firmly crushed, i was able to tolerate the pressure for quite a long time. i think it is a well-crafted toy. The piece de Resistance though was Mike’s Spikes. My god what a fiendish implement that is! The pain it inflicts is excruciating.

You ensured that the spikes were touching the foreskin while the cock was soft so that when the cock became erect the spikes would bite into it. Every time Your cock went soft, You exacerbated the torment and torture by repeatedly arousing me to ensure Your cock became erect again and i remember groaning and writhing in agony at the pain it inflicted on the cock.

Your face showed Your pleasure and Your eyes flashing with excitement and You smiling delightedly at the effect the device was having on me.

Being repeatedly tortured in that way combined first with Dr Sado and then later with the cock rings was unbelievable. Especially, when as the cock became flaccid, You would reach for my nipples and say “it’s time to become hard again” and while i knew i would enjoy the nipples being caressed, i would have to earn the pleasure by enduring more cock pain. Despite my cries of pain, i really enjoyed You repeatedly arousing me and forcing me to endure the pain over and over again. It was marvellous and i’m still feeling on a high from it.

slave m

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