Extracts from yesterdays session……..

The initial beating with the leather belt was a lovely way to start the New Year with Madame warming her slave’s bottom with 50 hard strokes.  My bottom was certainly well warmed up and apparently You like the colour my bottom became.  White buttocks should be a thing of the past i think!

The bed bondage was great and i enjoyed the absolute helplessness this imposed, while You amused Yourself with my nipples before fitting the rings and the shackle to Your cock and balls.  Although fitting those devices is uncomfortable, it is worth the discomfort, as they give me a lovely sensation and Your cock and balls are firmly restrained and under Your control.

Being forced to walk around dragging the heavy weight attached to the ball rings was fabulous and i liked being caned at the same time and being led by the nipples.  After removing the heavy weight You then attached weights to the ball shackle, while You also threaded rope through the ball rings.  The latter was uncomfortable especially when You began sawing the rope backwards and forwards.  This caused a burning sensation and the weights began to swing violently increasing the pressure on Your balls which were beginning to feel well tortured!  My predicament was then further increased when You administered 20 strokes with the cane, while i was restrained in this way and punished me with more ball torture for moving while You caned me.

slave m

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