My 97th session with Madame Athlaina!

Dear Madame Athlaina,

Today’s session was breathtaking and absolutely fabulous, i enjoyed every moment. i wasn’t sure how the session would turn out as i was conscious of my sore knee but the control You exerted over me and the predicaments You placed me in made me forget about it!

i always enjoy being placed in manacles and 30 strokes with the Tawse certainly warmed Your bottom up nicely. i think the Tawse is excellent. i very much appreciated being allowed to lie on the pouffe while You disciplined me, as it eased the pressure on my knee. i think lying on the pouffe was a good position as I got the impression that it gave You a better angle of attack?!!!

Securing me to the chair was an inspired idea and i absolutely loved it. i felt i could have stayed there for ages. The nipple torture You inflicted was excruciating and i adored the way You sat on me while You did it. i also liked You sitting on the stool in front of me while You continued to inflict more torment on Your hapless and helpless slave!

As always i enjoyed wearing the rings although their fitting and removal is very painful but i know You enjoy that! The elastic bands around Your balls was good and certainly made Your balls very tight. The hog tie was lovely. Using the pin wheel on Your balls was excruciatingly painful, exacerbated by Your balls being so tight due to the elastic bands. i really loved lying on the bed and tied like that while You tormented and tortured me. It was a delicious feeling of helplessness and anticipation. i love the balls being tied separately as it’s a wonderful sensation and heightens their sensitivity. Being made to lie on the bed while You administered 30 strokes with Your new belt and then 60 strokes with the new cane was marvellous. i liked both implements and they gave Your bottom a lovely warm glow. i loved every moment (stroke!) of it.

Being locked in the cage was terrific, especially the way You secured me in it with Your balls stretched and also Your nipples. Mind You the clover clamps were extremely painful, especially after the punishment You had inflicted on Your nipples earlier. After the clamps were removed, Your nipples were very sore and extremely sensitive.

i loved the outfit You wore today, it was extremely sexy and You looked wonderful in it accentuated by also having Your hair down. Thank You for showing me Your cat suit and kinky boots, You looked stunning. You have the most fantastic legs!

Overall, i thought our session was absolutely marvellous and i can’t get enough of being strapped to the chair and hog tied on the bed while You torment and torture me.

i’m very much looking forward to our next session and then soon 100th!

slave m

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