Some of the gems of Madame Athlaina’s Life so far…..

Madame has been a Dominant woman all Her life. Right from the start, as a child, She would take charge, be the leader, be independent, self-sufficient and very disciplined.

Madame’s love of fitness started when She was 20 years old. This soon became Her passion and then She went on to qualify as a Personal Trainer. In Her late 20’s She set up Her own PT business (which She’s been running successfully now for 15 years). For a Dominant woman like Madame this was the only option, as She found working for others impossible! Over recent years Madame has also gained a BSc degree in law, crimiology and psychology which She passed in 2012!

Madame has been a Pro Domme for the past 10 years now. These are Her words, ‘looking back over My life, from a very young age, becoming a Dominatrix was an inevitable outcome.’ Her years as a PT, and Her love of fitness training, has given Her a lot of the essential qualities needed to be a Pro Dominatrix. Qualities such as discipline, understanding, good communication, empathy and the psychological training needed to understand fetishes, motivations, and an individual’s psychological make up and much more.

After 23 years in the fitness industry, Madame decided in June last year to employ Her own Personal Trainer and over the past year She has transformed Herself from 15 years as a competitive long distance runner, to a strongwoman/powerlifter! Proof that no challenge is too big for Madame to take on. Over the years Madame has also trained in aerobics, kungfu, t’ai chi, and has been a yoga practioner since 2011.

Madame is an intelligent, strong minded, powerful, 24/7 Dominant, disciplined, beautiful, athletic, tenacious, creative and an intuitive woman. She fully dedicates Herself to whatever She sets Her mind to and a very powerful force that’s for sure.

Madame’s drive and passion for learning about people and life keeps Her in tune with the fact that everyone is important and has a story to tell.

Now, at 43 Madame has had a life full of adventures, but for Her the journey has only just begun. Madame says, ‘not knowing what the future holds, is what makes life so exciting!!!’

Dare you be one of Her slaves and join Her? 😉