Madame’s Initial Meetings

In the very beginning, My idea was that it would benefit Me and My sub/slave to meet on neutral territory before planning a session together. After putting My plan into action I have had 100’s of initial meetings with My subs and slaves and over the years this idea has proven to be a great success!

The benefits from My perspective are that the meeting gives Me the opportunity to meet My slave/sub. After all, apart from emails, at this stage we are virtually strangers. So for both parties to meet on neutral ground before planning a session can take a lot of the anxiety and worries away.

At a meeting My sub/slave will complete a questionnaire that I have carefully put together. This questionnaire is very thorough and I usually discover a lot about their interests (and they often learn and think of things they’ve never thought of). I then take this questionnaire and My notes away with Me to think about and plan the perfect session. The earliest that a session would take place would be the day after the meeting (or a week later, depending on what’s best), and this gives Me time to really think about and prepare everything. It’s amazing just how many ideas and thoughts come to mind in the 24 hours after the initial meeting.

From My slaves/subs perspective, it helps them with meeting Me in a neutral place first, over a relaxed cup of tea or coffee. After all, they are often initially and expectedly quite nervous and anxious. Understandably so, as they’re about to place their body, mind and trust in Me. Maybe these meetings are one of the reasons why I have rarely had to use the traffic light or safe word system.

Meetings normally last between 30 minutes and 1 hour depending on the sub/slave that I am meeting. This is an ideal amount of time for both parties to relax, and for the questionnaire to be completed. It’s amazing, just during that time of talking, how many thoughts come to the surface, especially for the sub/slave whilst they’re completing the questionnaire.

For Me being a good Dominatrix requires gaining a required amount of understanding of a subs/slaves personality and motivations. The more I am in touch with this the more suited a session I can provide for them.

Having an initial meeting before the actual session does take extra time, planning and cost. My booking fee of £50 I believe to be a small token and appreciation of My time that I give to My sub/slave for that meeting.

I know that some subs/slaves do find it difficult to attend initial meetings, especially if they live a long distance from Me, so I now provide initial meetings also by webcam and phone (tribute of £50). However, I do still do prefer to meet in person and I like it when subs/slaves do everything they can to make this happen!

I hope that My initial meetings and the thought and care that goes into them and into sessions, goes a long way to show My subs and slaves just how important and unique they are to Me.

Read My Rules page for further information.

your Dominatrix, Madame Athlaina