Since I wrote my earlier testimonial nearly 3 years ago, my journey……

Since I wrote my earlier testimonial nearly 3 years ago, my journey (to date of 95 sessions) with Madame has continued with dramatic and deep lasting changes.  Madame now imposes a serious CP regime upon her hapless slave, who has come to crave the severe punishment and pain that Madame inflicts with her wide variety of implements (tawse, cane, crop and flogger, to name but a few).  The creation of Madame’s new playroom enables her to be even more imaginative in imposing her robust discipline.  This slave has been restrained in various positions to receive punishment and is often strung up to her suspension hook for long periods and flogged mercilessly.

The CBT has intensified which Madame clearly enjoys and this slave’s balls have been punished in various ways with a metal ball ring, ball crusher and creative use of clothes pegs.  She often gives the slave a choice of punishments which compels the slave to face the dilemma of choosing between one painful ordeal or an even more agonising torment.  Serving Madame is always an exciting and wonderful experience and my limits have definitely been extended far beyond my imagination.  As I continue my journey with Madame, I am excited at the prospect of what is yet to come but also filled with delightful trepidation.   I look forward to serving Madame for a long time to come.


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