I have known Madame Athlaina now for nearly two years……..

I have known Madame Athlaina now for nearly two years and have had numerous sessions during this period.

Her beauty is exceptional, Her sexiness, unbelievable slender body, dress attire, charm, tenderness, commanding dominatrix character and total understanding of your needs will make this an experience once had never forgotten and wanting more! I have got to say that the experience encountered has been over the scale of my fantasy’s. Her playroom in a very safe environment will definately have your imagination running wild. And every whim will be satisfied. Don’t be afraid to tell Her what you want as you won’t be disappointed, as every session is considered by Madame Athlaina in every detail and tailored to match your expectations, which in every case has lead to an exilerating experience. Her personal attention to my needs required at the time whether in tenderness, a little whisper or obedience command barked out, up to thresholds of pain never experienced before took me to heights measured and dished out with an air of a master crafts woman. My body trembled in excitement throughout every session and on alert as to Her next move for either your pleasure or pain…as it is always her choice as Madame. Please Her and she will also provide you with the answers.

Anyone looking for a Madame adventure who definitely knows how to take you to a place and sexual heights never before experienced…will not be disappointed!

As I write this I am already looking forward to my next session with Madame Athlaina!

Yours till next time Madame,


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