NEW! Madame’s Personal Training

slave’s and submissives, want to get in shape? Lose weight, improve your health, improve your fitness, get stronger, more muscular, leaner, eat healthier?

Madame Athlaina can show you how!
Madame now offers you both Her passions, Dominatrix and Personal Trainer combined.

Firstly, become Her Personal Training client and train with Her, then alongside that be motivated and disciplined by Madame’s punishment and reward system. Will it be the carrot or will it be the stick? Keep on track and you’ll be rewarded, don’t follow your training programme and Madame will wield Her punishments!

A sample of Madame’s punishments…..
No masturbation for a set period of days or weeks!
A visit to the nasty, humiliating drill instructor for measurements, weigh in and check up!
Chastity device for a set period of days.
Session of anal/strap on play
Restrained and flogged

A food treat or treats
A visit to the sexy nurse for measurement, weigh in and check-up!
A session with Madame
Double Domme session if and when Madame is happy to show you as Her slave.

Madame’s 1st PT slave has just started this week! Watch his progress!

A fit and healthly slave is of more use and pleasure to Madame in many ways. Want to impress Madame?

Personal Training Programmes and fees are tailored to individual slaves or subs health and fitness needs.

For local slave’s, come and train in Madame’s playroom, for long distance slave’s Skype is Madame’s choice of communication. Lots of possibilities, contact Madame for more information and discuss different options.

you can be sure Madame gets results! There is nothing more certain than Madame’s powers of persuasion……

If you want to get in shape then contact Her. Under Her watchful eye and guidance you will achieve things you never thought possible. Let Her in and you will change your life!!

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