Locked in the Pillory………

After the beating, Madame led me back into the Playroom and locked me in the pillory.  Madame ensured Her balls where firmly secured within the vice, which was tightly screwed down, and my wrists were tied to the top of the cage so that i could not move. It had been quite a while since i had last been in the pillory, and i always think it is a good position for Madame to thrash me given my total immobility.  Once i was completely secured, Madame proceeded to torment me ceaselessly.   i was driven mad as Madame skilfully tormented Her nipples and cock.  This constant torment coupled with Madame adopting provocative poses while sitting on top of the cage – which She knows always arouses me – and the look of delight and enjoyment on Her face induced such arousal and helplessness that i was reduced to a gibbering wreck, babbling incoherent nonsense.  i was squirming and moaning, and i was bedside myself with desire and the intense need to please Madame. i loved seeing the expressions on Your face as You delighted in tormenting me. i derive a great deal of pleasure seeing You enjoy Yourself so much. i don’t know how long this torment lasted, and i was beginning to tire, so there was an element of relief when Madame released me from the pillory, but a sense of disappointment that the torment was over.  However, the next ordeal was about to begin.

After untying my wrists Madame placed them in wrist cuffs and attached them to the suspension bar.  Madame teased Her nipples, which by this time were extremely sensitive, before fetching one of Her floggers and gave me 70 strokes, pausing occasionally to tease Her nipples, so that i was kept aroused and frustrated.  Madame then took one of her favourite CP tools and one that i fear, as it is so painful – the Carpet Beater.  i received 30 strokes, although Madame gave me the option of placing Her nipples in clover clamps, but i couldn’t bear the thought of that, given that Madame’s nipples were so sore already, so i opted for the beating instead.  This clearly pleased Madame given her cries and laughs of delight as She had me hopping and dancing around in pain.

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