Equestrian Training……….

Thank you so very much for Wednesday’s session which was absolutely incredible.
You looked absolutely sensational in your amazing outfit and when you put your thigh boots on you looked totally fabulous. From start to finish the whole meeting was so amazing and because you had noted previous sessions it’s true what you said about us carrying on from before like there hadn’t been a 3 year gap!!
Your attention to detail makes the sessions memorable. I have been experiencing some lovely flashbacks of the meeting too.
As for the equestrian training, well, what can I say! It was so beautifully carried out and with great enthusiasm from yourself as my strict pony trainer. The highlight was definitely the visual part where you looked totally breath taking as you sat astride the saddle and the image in your mirror remains etched in my memory. This became even more erotic when you raised yourself off the saddle to display your perfect bottom, whilst  displaying a look of pure dominance over your pony. I cannot wait to view the photographs you took as I am sure they will be amazing.
The hot candle wax was exactly that – hot! The feeling was so sensational and the whole experience was so very erotic. I was very close to be sent over the edge at the end when you removed the wax. I wish I had asked your permission to come, as I was so close to a shattering climax. Your touch was so amazing!
I definitely feel you enjoyed the whipping and I realise I must be able to take more to please you. So could you ‘please’ in order to satisfy you, push my limits so you can enjoy whipping me? As I think you would like to lay it on much harder. And if it does please you then I am prepared to suffer the pain. But after the pain comes the pleasure which I also enjoyed a lot! Especially the way you teased your cock and balls with your nails, the feeling was absolutely incredible and again I was close to coming.
The honour of worshiping your boots was indeed a privilege and I particularly enjoyed paying homage to your gorgeous heels. I must admit I also admired your beautifully toned legs as I was instructed to work my way to the top of those very sexy thigh boots! I don’t know what you are doing to keep in shape but whatever it is you look so hot! You looked so stunningly sexy and so strict in that outfit.
Thank you so much for a memorable meeting, which for me, was the best so far. I also hope you enjoyed it too. I now hope that you would be in the position to own me completely because as your slave, I am now ready to be accepted by you if you think I am worthy. And I am certainly ready to explore many more things with you guidance.
Thank you again Madame.
Your pony slave
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