Premier Norwich, Norfolk Mistress – Madame Athlaina – Online Domination


Online Domination with Madame Athlaina

Visit Madame Athlaina Online, Live, in Her New Playroom

Would you like to serve Madame more frequently?

Do you live too far away from Norwich to serve Madame in person?

Are Online sessions more affordable for you?

Are you too nervous to serve Madame person?

If the answer is YES to any of the above then Online sessions could be for you!

These are the types of Online Training that Madame provides.

Which of the following are you interested in?

  • Orgasm denial and control, chastity, forced masturbation,
  • Humiliation, forced degrading acts, verbal degradation
  • Sissy training, feminization, cross dressing
  • Anal training
  • Crawling, Collaring
  • Cock and Ball Torture, Nipple Torture
  • Household chores, maid training
  • Serving Madame with tasks to be completed
  • Personal Trainer, Gym mistress, forced exercise
  • Restrained discipline, whipping, flogging
  • Made to hold positions that Madame has taught you
  • Financial slavery – see financial slavery page

If your interest isn’t listed above, then Madame has a section in Her questionnaire where you are able to describe your interest to be considered.

Types of Online Communication that Madame offers:


Visual and audio – this is two way between Madame and Her slave/sub. Using Skype.

Price £2 per minute. Minimum time of 30 minutes.

Online chat only

Just audio – two way between Madame and Her slave/submissive. It is also possible for sub/slave to be visible to Madame with online chat. Using Skype.

Price £2 per minute. Minimum time of 10 minutes.

Email Domination/Training

Madame will set you tasks to complete.

  • 1 email

  • 5 emails

  • £25

  • £100

Madame now also provides 10 emails for £180

Bookings, payments details and rules

Your tribute must be made in full, in advance of your session. Madame expects your tribute to be made and cleared a minimum of 48 hours in advance, but the more in advance your tribute is made the happier She is.  Further details are included in your questionnaire.

Once Madame has emailed you back in reply to your questionnaire, with one of your preferred dates and times of session, She will expect you to deliver your tribute within the set time frame. If you do not do this on time Madame will expect a very good reason as to why you have failed this task. Failure and lack of obedience does nothing for Madame. Madame devotes Her time to slaves that go out of their way to please Her and make Her happy.

If you are interested in Online Domination, email Madame stating your interest in Online Domination and She will send you Her Questionnaire for you to complete at

This is an example of payment your tribute:

  • 16.09.2017

  • 18.09.2017

  • 19.09.2017

  • 23.09.2017

  • Questionnaire is completed and returned to Madame.

  • Madame replies to you to confirm date and time of your session.

  • You provide tribute of £80. Madame sends you an invite request on Skype.

  • Your webcam session.

Once your tribute is made, if you wish to cancel, not be punctual or decide not to honour or come to your session then there will be no refund and Madame will keep your tribute as a Gift for Her time. Although most of Madame’s D/s experiences are fantastic, there are some people who take great pleasure in messing Dommes around and for this reason Madame has to have protective measures in place. Madame is extremely professional and has no time for time wasters or free loaders. Obedient, loyal and trusted slaves and submissives is what makes Her happy and for those She gives Her time, energy and attention.

To complete Madame’s Online Domination Questionnaire