Premier Norwich, Norfolk Mistress – Madame Athlaina – Financial Domination

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Madame Athlaina has one Twitter Account @MadameAthlaina (see embedded below) any other account is a fake. If you see any other accounts using Her name please inform Her straight away. Thank you. 


Madame Athlaina has many fetishes and one of Her favourites is Financial Domination!

Madame is a True Goddess, and it is the duty of Her findom slaves to shower Her with tributes, gifts and pay for anything and everything She wishes to be paid for. It is the findom slaves position to serve and make this beautiful Woman happy in whatever way She desires. To be Her paypig is the perfect way of serving and obeying Her wishes.

Madame loves to drain Her paypigs wallets! To control Her findom slaves bank accounts! To take what belongs to Her and leave Her cashcows just enough money to live on! To financially dominate and control Her finsubs, is a huge pleasure to Madame, and for them to drop to their knees and lay tributes at Her feet gives Madame exactly what She enjoys!

Madame is currently receiving tributes. Email Her for details. 

For all new new findom slaves Madame expects obedience and respect to be shown by tributing Her £75 GBP or $100 USD (and of course this is the minimum amount). Once you have done this you may communicate with Madame.