• My 97th session with Madame Athlaina!

    Dear Madame Athlaina, Today’s session was breathtaking and absolutely fabulous, i enjoyed every moment. i wasn’t sure how the session would turn out as i was conscious of my sore knee but the control You exerted over me and the predicaments You placed me in made me forget about it! i always enjoy being placed […]

  • My first two sessions……..

    I was really nervous for both my initial meeting with Madame at a neutral venue, and also my first session.  However, I needn’t have worried, as well as being firm and dominant She was also caring and considerate, which put me at ease. The photos on Madame’s website do not do Her justice – She is […]

  • The slaves and subs that I am looking for……..

    My stable consists of slaves and subs of different ages 20’s through to 70’s, different cultures, backgrounds and very different walks of life. From those who are beginning their  journey to those with years of experience. I am often asked, I assume because of My love of all things ‘fitness’, as to whether I expect My slaves […]

  • Madame’s Shopping Trip in London

    For the Attention of all real time, webcam, remote and virtual slave’s and subs! Madame’s London Shopping Trip is on the 6th April. She’ll be paying special attention to purchasing some wonderful new outfits, new toys, implements and equipment for Her new playroom. Now with just a few weeks to go, Madame would like Her slave’s to send […]

  • I have known Madame Athlaina now for nearly two years……..

    I have known Madame Athlaina now for nearly two years and have had numerous sessions during this period. Her beauty is exceptional, Her sexiness, unbelievable slender body, dress attire, charm, tenderness, commanding dominatrix character and total understanding of your needs will make this an experience once had never forgotten and wanting more! I have got […]

  • To be owned by Madame Athlaina

    I would like to congratulate Madame Athlaina on Her new playroom. I have been Madame’s loyal slave for 8 years and have enjoyed every exhilarating minute of belonging to Her and being in Her company. I haven’t seen Madame for a while now, but will be soon. I long to feel Madame place my steel […]

  • Madame remembers all my fantasies, desires……

    Madame Athlaina is one of the most stunningly beautiful Mistresses it has been my pleasure to serve. She is also one of the most intelligent and perceptive. I recently sessioned with her after a gap of about 2 years, and she remembered all my fantasies, desires, and limits as if I had only seen her […]

  • Goddess

    Wow, I have have decided amazing is no longer adequate for our sessions and I probably don’t have the words to describe how I felt today, out of this world! Amazing! I can’t believe how close I felt to you today, thank you. Like I said you make me feel I am your only slave […]